Photographing again 2021

Hello everyone,

I have returned after not shooting in a little over two years. Things get lost and the pandemic pushed us even further away from meeting people to shoot photos.

However, there are always things that can be photographed, if we choose to.

Life gets busy and often at times we lose ourselves in the process. We fall down a few steps and lose sight of what we want to focus on. As a result we distract ourselves with something else. Sometimes it might be work, sometimes it might be life or focusing on ourselves. In all of that mess, one of them has a goal that is trying to make up for the failures you keep thinking you are not doing well enough. Sometimes we go down a path and tumble a few extra steps along the way and it takes time to heal. In that time, we over think our goals. Don't sell yourself short. If you are in a position where things are somewhat in a balance, don't throw yourself back into the fray.

One thing I have noticed in the last five to six years is that whenever I take a step back and come back to pick up my camera, I find better vision and process to my vision and style of photography. My composition and "feel".

I have a floaty, airy and dreamy feeling to my work and yet they feel as if you are there. Feeling the photo. The last few shoots I've done in the last few weeks have really grounded me again with shooting photos. Maybe by the end of the year I will finally make my first lookbook.

Here are some photos from those shoots.

Enjoy :)

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